• Fysh Wong

Watch Clouds & Waves@Big Wave Bay

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Go out and paint the sky.

Sketch and basic watercoloring outdoor.

Recharge in the Nature from time to time. It's necessary.

Ground yourself with bare foot, be aware of the surrounding and your sensory.

Look at the waves, the trees, the birds, hear their songs, feel the wind on your skin, the smell of the sea and the heat from ground.


I like to have a little hike to Big Wave Bay from home, bringing painting tools, food prepared by myself.

Painting the waves and the sky is not that easy. Keep practicing for my own style.

Preparing food with love and sharing the joy. Bringing own home ware makes it more delicious too.

Creating a beautiful memory for yourself.

I love Hong Kong.


Adding details at home.

It was a lovely day.



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