• Fysh Wong

Holland Jeng! 🌷 in watercolor

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

My memory of the Netherlands was colorful!

It felt so unreal for the beauty in everything. I have fallen in love with Amsterdam in particular.

Amsterdam is truly a rainbow city.

The Glow Festival in 📍Eindhoven was amazing. The light shows inspired me for the watercolor painting.

You are the Rock Fire!

The 📍Keukenhof Tulip Garden and tulip fields were superb. There were the most tulip species in the park, with full of tourists too...

Tulip is always my favorite flower 🌷because it was easiest to draw 😂 and we had some wooden tulips at home when I was small. I just didn’t have a favorite color/ species until I saw them here - the Rock Fire!

It was a relaxing afternoon walk in 📍Zanse Schans. How could I not to be happy seeing such a beautiful view!

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